While SEM might not need experts as sophisticated as SEO, and basic SEM can be learned by reading a bunch of blogs and taking a few classes here and there, running a high ROI SEM campaign needs more of an expert’s help. At RiseOpp, SEM is not our solution for your every problem, and we recommend it only when we believe it is right for you. It may be the right channel for you because:

  • You are new to a market and you want to see if search is a viable channel for promoting your product or service. We test the waters by setting up your Analytics tools and conversion tracking, creating and running the right campaigns, ad groups, messages, platforms, etc., and monitoring the results. We use those signals to tell you if your product-market fit works.
  • You are at a point that you care more about getting and showing traction and growth than about ROI. You want new customers through the door by any means even if you lose money because you are developing a market.
  • You believe SEM can be one of your long-term winners and you want a team to work on optimizing every possible aspect of your campaigns from long-tail keyword discovery, quality score optimization, and right use of broad match modifiers to ad variations and extensions. You want to win by discovering hidden gems and you have the ongoing budget and patience to do so.
  • You are targeting low-competition keywords because you are entering an overlooked trending market, or for many other possible reasons.

As part of our consulting process, we analyze your opportunities and create, monitor, and manage your campaigns if it is a go.