At RiseOpp, not only do we understand SEO is one of the most prominent drivers of traffic and sales to the websites, but also we breathe SEO and eat it for lunch and dinner. Such dedication tells us that we should think beyond keywords, integrate SEO into every other marketing & PR effort, and work closely with technical teams to make changes happen.

Some of the highlights that make us different:

  • We don’t discuss ranking you for 3 or 5 keywords. We find that insulting. Our approach is ranking you as many keywords as possible (that has amounted to thousands for some of our clients!) and working with you to grow your organic traffic continuously as long as search engines exist.
  • We believe on-page optimization is important and we understand that on-page changes require teamwork. You should relate to concerns of the dev team and write change specs that are beneficial and realistic. As the brain of our SEO efforts, we consider it essential to have the right URL structures, internal linking relations, and content creation practices in place.
  • We believe off-page optimization is the heart of any SEO strategy. While having a high IQ brain is a good start, a continuous effort to obtain the right backlinks is the pumping heart of a successful SEO strategy. We utilize innovative tactics that create necessary backlinks where and when they are needed.
  • We think of SEO as an integral part of a holistic growth approach that involves PR, paid channels, social media marketing, and even partnerships, referral programs, and offline channels. We communicate with different stakeholders, monitor and integrate with existing initiatives, and boost growth by more than just SEO.
  • We love startups as much as the next established corporation, and we are flexible to help them grow factoring in their scrappy nature.