RiseOpp, Inc. is a growth marketing company. We work with our clients to both identify growth opportunities and help them scale their businesses dramatically.

Growth marketing and growth hacking are both used to describe identifying the most effective and efficient methods for growing a company. Growth marketing describes our services better as we use systematic methods to create innovative growth dynamics as opposed to innovation based on hacking, which may imply fast yet temporary growth.

Scope of our growth marketing services includes:

  • Product Analysis
    • We analyze your web-based or mobile-based product and recommend features that help discoverability and virality of your product. We work with your dev team and write specs as needed.
  • Analytics
    • We check your existing analytics, recommend new analytics platforms, help you set them up, and generate reports that make sense of your data.
  • Channel Analysis and recommendations
    • We analyze your product-market fit, target market assumptions, and marketing channels you currently use. We recommend the top 3 channels you should focus on.
  • SEO and ASO
    • We help you get discovered through organic search on web and mobile. We recommend SEO (search engine optimization) strategies that drive traffic to your website and ASO (App Store Optimization) strategies that drive traffic to your app. We execute SEO and ASO campaigns as per your request.
  • Viral Marketing
    • We lead you to create and implement viral marketing campaigns. We help you measure and revise your campaigns for the best ROI.  
  • Digital Advertising
    • We may recommend you to run SEM(search engine marketing) ads using Google AdWords PPC(Pay-per-Click) advertising, Facebook ads, video PPV(Pay-per-View) ads, or other social media ads such as Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram depending on your product. We help you implement them.
  • Hiring 
    • We recommend the positions you should hire for to fill your growth gaps if you prefer to have a growth team in-house.